Why ENVISIONocity?

Because it makes sense to have local access to the technical support you will need when it comes your social media and online presence through websites, marketplaces, and the sensitive emails that pass between you and your intended recipients. And it doesn’t hurt that ENVISIONocity™ also provides services such as digital graphics for advertising and email campaign support. Finally, ENVISIONocity™ provides computer services including repairs and security assessment to ensure you have what you need for being connected to the online world.

Available Spaces

Select the Space You Need:


  • SSL
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Email Addresses


  • SSL
  • 25 GB Storage +
  • CMS, Billing, Cloud Storage


  • SSL, Dedicated IP
  • 150 GB Storage+
  • Unlimited Subdomains*

Small Business

  • SSL, Dedicated IP
  • 300GB Storage
  • Premium Support